Mifare Classic 1K RFID Tyvek Printed Event Wristband

Short Description:

RFID Tyvek wristbands Offer a cheap RFID wristband solution for RFID or NFC applications  and disposable access control option.Tamper Proof Peel & Seal Adhesive wristband. Customizable with your logo, QRs, URLs and serial numbering is available.



Product specification

  • Waterproof unbreakable disposable Tyvek wristband
  • These wristband available in several colours and sizes
  • Add RFID sticker to enable smart features
  • RFID chip Mifare Classic 1K ,NTAG213,Ultralight EV1,UHF chip etc
  • Secure and tamper-proof adhesive closure
  • Customizable with a text,logo or serial number,Barcode ,unique QR etc

Addvantage of RFID Tyvek Wristband:

  •  RFID Tyvek wristband is the  economical wristband choice  and the ideal for one-day festival events. 
  • With Strong adhesive closure and unique tamper cuts cause wristbands to shred if tampered with these anti bacterial wristbands are perfect when you need security wristbands that are designed with sequential numbering for easy audit control and revenue tracking purposes. 
  • For the easiest and most secure method of tagging patrons. full colour printed Tyvek wristbands take 5-6 days to turnaround. 
  • We have supplied our full colour printed paper wristbands for a variety of purposes including as a nightclub wristband, festival wristband, event wristband, student union wristband, soft play centre wristband, kids play centre wristband, party wristband, agricultural show wristband, concert wristband and sports club wristband.


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