Mifare Classic 1K RFID Silicone wristband

Short Description:

Material: Silicone 
Size available:Dia55/61/67/76MM 
Fast delivery! Silicone RFID wristband available in several colours and sizes.



Model: QR-S005

Material: Silicone

These wristband available in several colours and sizes.

Craft:ustomizable with a text,logo or serial number,Barcode ,unique QR,UID etc

Size avaiable:Dia55MM,60MM,67MM,,76MM etc

Chip avaiable:
Mifare Classic 1K/4K F08 1K,NTAG213/215/216,Ultralight Ev1 /C ,ICODE SLI/SLIX/S etc
UHF:UCODE 9,Alien H4 Monza M4QT etc

We are focus on  the silicone RFID  wristbands . RFID silicone wristband with durable, multi-design, waterproof, convenient in use and are a great solution for identification, access management, loyalty management etc.Those products are widely used in  festivals, swimming pools or events, library, campus card, Exhibition,hotels, and other fields.and other fields.

Mainly application:Access Control,Cashless Payments,Identification and Tracking,Attendance Tracking,Library Management,Swimming Pool Access,Event Management,Membership Cards,Loyalty Programs,Personal Identification,Sporting Events.


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